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April 26, 2010

嫋. niǎo. delicate.

On the same night as the Jose Gonzalez show I blogged about here, I met Wu ZhuoLing, or Julie.  ZhuoLing opened for Jose on his tour through China.  We met backstage, shared some thoughts in good conversation and kept in touch.  Several months later I visited ZhuoLing in her hometown of Chengdu–a major city in the Sichuan province.  I had the pleasure of watching her perform for the second time in a quaint cafe.  Her voice is beautiful and delicate–you can listen to some of her music here and here.

In email to me, Julie described in her own words some of her tour experience:

“…The next day we went to Shanghai and played in a small theatre. That performance is the most impressive experience for me, even though I had played in theatres before. The audience there were mostly westerners and the whole atmosphere was so solemn and formal, very different from the previous show in Beijing. And the sound was much more better. So I was quite involved in playing, trying to do my best. The audience were great. They kept being quiet while I was playing. The whole scene is like there was just me and countless eyes in the darkness around me. Any tiny flaw I made would be noticed by everyone. So i was pretty nervous, besides I haven’t had any sleep for more than 40 hours. After I finished I felt like I was totally exhausted. But the audience and Jose gave me a lot of applause and praise, which I didn’t expect. The experience is like a dream and I don’t know how it happened. : ) Jose had an excellent performance later. Everyone was deeply touched by his music and couldn’t help to ask him playing more.”

(not original media)


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