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Lost in Translation — Introduction

May 3, 2010

One of the greatest ways to learn about yourself is through others.  Inevitably, when your living in a foreign country there will be virgin encounters–your first experience of this or of that.  It also happens in your own country, or when your just traveling through somewhere unknown–outside your comfort zone, outside what you know.

Experience all to often is a sensation that is difficult to put into words.  Perhaps this is what makes it so special and sacred.  The moment–just being in it.  Anyway, China proved to be a breeding ground for countless encounters of first impressions.  They ranged from comical to the intrusive, beautiful to the repulsive.  Not surprisingly all of the stories are motivated by the people, from the culture.  In several letters to friends and family I attempted to share these experiences, thus it seems appropriate to share them here with a bit of levity and current reflections as a series titled “Lost in Translation”.

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