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Peppered Turkey?

May 20, 2010

变动. biàn dòng. change

For the hundreds of fans out there please excuse the lack of posts over the past week as I have been mainly in transit. JFK –> Hong Kong –> Beijing.  I’m pretty sure I crossed over the North Pole on the way here on one of the longest flight patterns in the world (14 hrs).

Anyway, not many times in life do you get the opportunity to revisit a foreign place you’ve been.  It seems atypical, as part of travel is usually going somewhere once, and moving on.  Well, it is a first for me, coming back that is–and the familiarity is certainly nice.  Your head isn’t spinning with that virgin confusion for one thing.  Secondly, if your smart, you’ve learned from the first time some basic do’s and do-nots and you can be more efficient.

Still, there are some desires that you must begin to starve once again.  For example, just today I wandered into a Chinese supermarket and naturally started looking for the ‘deli’ section, craving that peppered turkey.  “1/2 a pound please.  Yeah sure I’ll take a free taste, that’s so kind of you Mr. Butcher.  Oh’ you have a new pesto sauce too that’s on sale, I’ll try that.  And roasted peppers are on sale too, how wonderful.”  Then the dream sequence ends and your surrounded by everything you forgot and are not sure how to utilize.  It can be intimidating.  And so you settle for a street pancake for 3 yuan ($o.50). (picture coming soon).

Not just the desire for food though, must you starve, but others you forget are with you–of comfort, of condition.  Soft-feathered mattress beds, constant a/c, maybe even toilets that you sit on.  This isn’t to say you cannot obtain these comforts if you really wanted.  Thats not true at all.  But like all desires, it costs.  Perhaps if I accomplish something I’m proud of I’ll go visit the imported section of the supermarket and scoop up some good looking pesto.  Or ask my friend Adam to ship me some white fish with asparagus pesto.

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