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May 21, 2010


“HuMei is a unique way of Mongolian music–it is both bold and generous and embodies the softness and sentiment of Mongolian people.”

On the walk home from dinner through Gulou, Drum-Bell Tower, an energy captured me through the open door of a small, cozy venue.  It was the sound from the first notes coming from Hugjiltu, the core musician of the Mongolian band Ajinan.

It was powerful and captivating.  You are transported to another place instantly–one with running horses and the open space of grasslands.  And this was just Hugjiltu and some other Chinese friends, not the full Ajinan band who will be playing tonight at Jianghu Jiuba in Beijing.

Ajinai comes from a traditional Mongolian activity, including wrestling, horse races and other competitions.  In the horse race the Mongolian horse that runs the fastest with the greatest endurance is named Ajinai.  The band is young too, with an average age of 23.

You can get a better idea of who they are and listen to some of their music by visiting some of the links below, but here is a sample of some things people are writing on Douban about this pretty talented group:

“These young people are full of powerful rebellion, but they also inherited the traditional Mongolian spirit. They are traditional for that Mongolian culture and spirit that have been already engraved within them.”

“Ajinai Band inherited Mongolian spirits from the nature to inspire fresh musical creation, to feel happy. They are like Mongolian horses in the ancient war. They will always sing of horses, love, life and growth in nature on their way of music.”

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