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readers note: Big Brother

May 21, 2010

So unfortunately I’ve encountered some challenges maintaining this blog to the extent that I wished.  Mainly, complimenting posts with different forms of media (video, photos, etc.) that can be easily accessed by anyone reading.  Not to mention make the sight look neat, and downright professional.  Well, it turns out wordpress cannot be accessed here in China… the full extent that I wished.

Instead, I’m forced to go guerrilla thanks to ‘The Great Firewall,” and ask the readers to put forth a bit more effort to view photos, video’s, etc.  Most likely, from this point on I will publish media on an alternative site and just include a link in the blog.  Lastly, since I can’t check it here I would ask anyone who is having issues linking to something, or anything else that is not working accordingly please drop me a note.

“Winston watched it with a sort of vague reference. For whom, for what, was this bird singing?  No mate, no rival was watching it.  What made it sit at the edge of the lonely wood and pour its music into nothingness?”  Orwell, 1984

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