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May 26, 2010

舒服.shū fu.comfortable

So if your hoping for a review on the Mongolian Band Ajinai, the show that I was supposed to attend a couple nights ago, it didn’t go as planned.  I never made it to the performance.  Part of me is extremely disappointed, but an equal part of me is not.

Mipham, originally from India, speaks english with an Australian accent.  Mipham lived in the Himalaya’s for a greater part of his twenties as an emergency rescue worker for other climbers on the mountain.  He has witnessed death as much as he has survived it-including his best friend who was washed away in an avalanche.

“I am so lucky you know,” Mipham tells me in the courtyard of his newly formed language school in Beijing, “I don’t know why on that day I packed two sleeping bags.  Had I only packed one….”  Meanwhile, this one particular accident crushed his ribs, spine, and other parts of his lower back and put him in a coma for about 6 weeks.  It happened when a friend of his, climbing above, fell back on him.

His stories seem to go on, and over three days Mipham, his friends, myself and students have all gathered around until the early mornings.  I don’t see this ending anytime soon.  He probably wouldn’t call himself a missionary, as he seems devoid of titles and to humble for wanting one.  Yet, over these past few days I’ve learned that this language school, just 7-months old, is this man’s newest dream and aspiration in a life that has already seen so much.

So I ended up here, in the courtyard of Mipham’s language school.  And one of the greatest parts of the evening took place when a young Mongolian musician performed solo under candlelight.  More of that to come in the next post (as I need to find out his name), but he is part of a very well-known Mongolian group called  Hanggai.  They have recently toured all through the United States, as well as several tours through Europe.  It would be difficult to find any young person from inner-mongolia, or mongolia who doesn’t know them.  Even the world music network, and  NPR had something to say about them.


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