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The King Khan and BBQ Show

June 20, 2010

發狂. fā kuáng. crazy.

Sometimes, like now, I feel the theme of this blog is getting a bit off track.  Originally, I wanted to focus on generating insightful stories about The Peoples Republic.  These stories would have their roots through people and experience, and I would do my best to reflect it here.   The stories would be about anything culturally relevant.

Now, however, there are some things that I cannot help not sharing as it occurs.  It may seem like a slight discourse from the objective theme mentioned above, but I would be doing a disfavor by not putting up this content.  I’ve never once in my life read Perez Hilton.  I have never once picked up or purchased a People magazine, I don’t watch E!, and I truly pity those who attempt to emulate the life of the stars behind expensive glasses in deep hollow thought.  Nonetheless, I will now attempt write about the mercurial odyssey of two-band members in Beijing in a series titled “The King Khan & BBQ Show.”

It began about 17-years ago when Arish Ahmed Kahn & Mark Sultan formed a group called, The King Khan & BBQ Show.  More recently and relevant, the duo embarked on a world tour that took them to numerous countries.  For about 5 days I had one responsibility: To take care of KK & BBQ in Beijing.  Before I go into any detail, here is an article about the first-stop on the world-tour that would involve amongst many things: insanity, Lou Reed, tarot cards, tragedy, Laurie Anderson, humility, The Blind Boys of Alabama, The Great Wall, black tigers, ouji boards, black panthers, family, break-up, rumors, benevolence, a man named Johnny Lumm, wings, tai-chi, mongolian throat singing, psychedelic Buddhism, Jesus Christ and rebirth.  Here is a photo from Cannes Film Festival and the accompanying article from chartAttack, king khan moons lindsay lohan.  Also, for the full-effect give the music a listen for a better understanding as to where this story might go…

a full moon on the rise


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