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King Khan & BBQ — The End

August 2, 2010

After finishing the short-film (see below), I emailed it to Khan.  His response:

“david…. thanks for this video…. it made me smile a lot. come to berlin…. lots of dope assed shorties everywhere.  I will be your matchmaker.”

Some final thoughts and reflections:

It was a three-day psychedelic trip being with these guys (see earlier posts, here and here) . What the masses don’t know.  Yes, the main show in beijing @ the well-known d-22 was a mess…BUT two nights later we put on an impromptu benefit show for The Lotus Center which was raising money for orphans from the Qinghai Earthquake. It was memorable, with true fans showing up and mixing with a local crowd who dug it all.  Not to mention, Khan happily (and comedically) volunteered his time teaching english to minorities at the school.  To this day I have students coming up to me and asking where that big-indian guy is, then they smile and say “horny”, a word khan taught them after drawing a fetus with marker on his bulging stomach to teach them what baby meant. So f#$k the critics.

Lastly, it turns out that Arish Khan (Khan) & Mark Sultan (BBQ) will no longer be.  They have officially parted ways after a festival in Canada. It makes this video even more appropriate and in the words of Khan, ” [a] good way to call it quits with bbq…..”

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