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HD China – What it’s About

December 11, 2010

In the upcoming weeks (possibly months) there will be a series of posts under the heading “HD China”.  HD standing for Human Dignity.

The overall theme and feeling of the posts will most likely be different than any of the others preceding it.  Mainly, it will explore a contemporary discourse about controversial issues surrounding China and its regulation of the world-wide-web.  If successful, these posts will only provide a glimpse into a social reality from a holistic perspective.  In other words, it is not meant to be an attack against a government and its ideology — rather, the purpose is a means to understand what is actually going on from a constellation of factors — mainly, the people.

There is no doubt that these issues are complex and involve a multitude of forces and perspectives.  There is no simple or neat conclusion.  Nonetheless, this notion that as human beings we have certain basic rights, and that these basic rights should not be denied will remain at the heart of this journey.  It is ongoing and it is happening now. So lets get into it.


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