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A Relentless Current

March 22, 2011

动机. dòng jī. motivation.

Starting in October 2010 I spent several months and countless hours laboring on what eventually turned out to be a term paper for an international law class.  I meditated on posting the content from this academic paper on this blog site for a while.  First off, I wasn’t sure if it was the right fit for this blog-space.  I mean, lets be real. How can someone take seriously cross-pollinating subject matter on matters like international law, human rights, freedom of expression, censorship, policy, etc. & the stuff you’ll find in earlier posts–coverage of China-bound punk-rock star King Khan mooning Lindsay Lohan or the inspirational Chinese youth turn-out at a DJ Premier concert in Beijing?  Second, one of the original motivations for this blog is to illuminate, entertain, and provide meaningful insight into The People’s Republic.  There is no permanent forumla, but a guiding principle is for this to to be about the people.

In other words, I wish to do my best to separate myself from what it is I’m writing about.  To be a neutral observer so that one can truly capture a moment, movement or happening.  Albeit, there will be many times when one is simply to immersed in all that is happening around them, and it is likely best served to illustrate the story from your role in it all.  Nonetheless, many underlying themes extracted from this term paper are just too present and part of our contemporary global dialogue that it would be unwise to ignore it, rather than explore it, so that we may all better understand this mess.

If your interested, you can read more about this intersection of the web, China, and human rights as part of the current series ‘HD China‘.  And to those who prefer watching breakfast pancakes (jiān bǐng) being made at a street vendor or hearing more grassroots music from inner-mongolia: I will not let you down.

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