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The Douban Effect

May 6, 2011

春天. chūn tiān. spring.

Like funny and inaccurate translations (i.e. Chinglish)?  Want to e-creep people you don’t know from across the world and who will likely never know you (jk, I don’t suggest that). Ever wanted to get lost on a Chinese Social Media website?  Of course you have.

I would suggest going to Douban.  Its not really comparable to any western social media sites that I know of — and it offers an array of interactive experiences, from creating photo-albums and finding literature to creating your own personalized music-site.  It’s no doubt one of the fasting growing platforms to reach this generation and tap into this dimension of Chinese culture…

And if you use a browser that has an automatic translation feature, I would suggest leaving it on…for the humor effect.

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  1. May 6, 2011 4:54 pm

    Chinglish: Tender fragrant grass, how hardhearted to trample them.

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