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Poetry in Motion

December 7, 2012

生活. shēnghuó. life.

Poetry is not for everyone. Musicians have it easy, I say. The opportunity to embed lyrics within music provides the listener with the freedom to seamlessly tune in and out of words. It also provides a sanctuary for the lyricist–who finds a natural home for his ramblings. Indeed, music is perhaps the most powerful instrument of expression that has ever existed.

That said, I’ve always been dismissive of posting poetry on this blog-site. In its true form I’ve found poetry to be the most naked form of writing–a bare and fully-exposed expression without the warm layers of a musical cloth. So, a compromise. I’ve just spent the last twenty-minutes or so searching for a way to embed the song of inspiration into this post to go along with the poem below. Alas, I have done so.

So if you wish, while reading, you may play the music by a throat singing group from the semi-autonomous Tuva Republic, Russian Federation, which is situated north of Chinese Turkestan, to the west of the Mongolian border, Huun-huur-Tu and listen to the track called ‘Xöömeyimny Kagbas-la Men (I Will Not Abandon My Xöömei)’ .

On Your Way
Before our eyes a world is unveiling / Undressing herself for all to see. / Take to my waters and get sailing / Go, she beckons, be free.

So together we must go / Riding high upon your winds. / And only then truly know, / Where our world together begins.

Know no end / As you go your Way. / Like the rivers that bend / Toward my oceans someday.

Your past is a history, / One just like my own. / The future a mystery, / With the present to roam.

Journey this space, / And take with you too, / My blessings of grace / For the soul of your shoe.

To walk paths untrodden, / Where no footprints may remain. / In the places all but forgotten, / Where history stands still, unchanged.

Be the mightiness of my mountains, / Remember the vastness of my seas. / Drink from meandering rivers crouching / With nature and all her needs.

And do tell others, / What you find along the Way. / So they too may tell their brothers / That the sun shines another day.

For heavy chains of living, / Have gotten many down. / In this life forever giving,/ From the Heavens to the ground.

Oh! Stars of the night / No one of you the same. / So many of you alike / Like falling drops of rain.

Who will live to see them shine? / In all their naked glory. / Who will live to take this time, / To listen to life’s own story.

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