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Remembrance [An Interlude].

July 16, 2015


The last post here was on January 3, 2013. It feels like a lifetime ago. And now, the blinking cursor on the screen, similar to a heart beating, provides a constant reminder of time. The passage of time, that is. I recall thinking that one day all this dreaming would catch up to me. The stark reality of life would force its way, inevitably — and such is ones fate.

This morning a cool breeze greeted us through our Manhattan bedroom window. The sensation was penetrating. The moments lasted long, the breaths became deeper, the feelings came rushing back into my heart and soul. What is this essence riding along the wind? Such sensation of joy that begets weeping. Of freedom. Of the world.

Have they forgotten what it feels like
To be greeted by the wind?
From hundreds of miles away,
To wonder where it may begin.
 – C. Jarlsberg, Poet

Such sentiment has beckoned a remembrance. Life will present these moments if one chooses to be open. Reality has taught this, and so hold on. Hold on tight to memories, dreams, ambitions, hopes and desires.  Tight enough so that they may find you once again, along a gentle breeze.

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